We want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. My husband and I never fully relax about him but we both agree that his recovery was ultimately down to you. You brought our son back to us and to himself . It has been wonderful to see him happy and making a good life for himself and applying to college, after so many very dark and difficult days.
The phrase “What would Tara say?” stays with us all!!

~ Sarah and Billy- Parent of child with OCD

I’m writing this crying, I’m sitting in my bed, reflecting on how I can now get in bed without completing my OCD routine, I spent years in this ritual. This feels like such a significant moment.
I’m feeling very reflective and want to say thank you Tara for been there to hold my hand through this whole journey, words cannot express how grateful I am for your help. So thank you, you have given me my life back.

~ Jordan- Treatment for severe OCD

I started seeing Tara as I have OCD and GAD
Tara had a wealth of strategies which she taught me to use. After six months I saw a marked difference in my mental health.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Tara to anyone who needed CBT

~Teresa- Treatment for GAD and OCD

Thank you Tara so much for all of your help. You really are amazing, I felt like you really got me, and have helped me change my life for the better. I can finally see myself as a whole and do not get stuck for hours in the mirror or in my head. I have even planned to go traveling.

~ Sascha- Treatment for BDD

Tara is truly remarkable. She helped me get to the root of my anxiety and gave me the tools to overcome it. I can finally breathe easy again.

~ Meera- Treatment for Panic

Tara is a gifted Psychotherapist, she has guided me with wisdom and helped me break through so many barriers.

~ Mollie- Self-Improvement and Growth course

I cannot thank Tara enough for the meaningful progress I’ve made under her guidance. She goes above and beyond, there is a plan for each session, structured, I thrive on this. I feel more in tune with what is important in my life, and I prioritise that now

~ Vishal– Self-Improvement and Growth course

I was struggling with feeling low, even though I didn’t feel I had a reason too? I also randomly, I know now not so randomly now, felt on edge and it was getting worse. I could open up online and felt Tara got me, I haven’t felt heard like this before. Her compassionate approach made the difference.

~ Agatha- Treatment for GAD and Depression

I had tried therapy before and was hesitant to try it again, Tara completely changed my mind. She is an exceptional psychologist and has been a godsend for me.

~ Nina- Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Treatment

I knew I needed therapy but always put it off. Tara helped to put me at ease, I felt comfortable enough to open up quicker than I thought. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve been able to overcome a lot of issues that have been holding me back.

~ Mike- Treatment for BDD and Depression

I was going through one of the darkest times in my life. Tara never judged me or made me feel ashamed for struggling. Instead, she gave me the tools and support I needed to heal

~ Ollie- Treatment for OCD and Depression

I’ve seen a few psychologists in my life, but T stands out from the rest. She’s kind, caring, and genuinely wants to help. I use the attention training skills she taught me most days

~ Joshua– Treatment for BDD and OCD

I didn’t realise how much earlier experiences had impacted me, or that I was living with PTSD.  Tara helped me understand that what I felt was a normal response to an abnormal event. This HELPED ME SO MUCH. Not only did she help me overcome PTSD, but she genuinely cared about me and my progress. I’m forever grateful to her

~ Elsa- Treatment for PTSD

Tara helped me overcome some deep-seated fears that were holding me back. I never thought I could overcome them, but she gave me the confidence to try. I’m so grateful. I really appreciated the hybrid approach of having therapy online but also in-person when I needed extra support with ERP

~ Haylei– Treatment for Emetophobia and Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence

Powerful, direct but compassionate approach, making significant strides in my mental health. Very thankful

~ Stan- PTSD Treatment

Tara has an empathetic approach to therapy helped me feel seen and heard, and I finally have a renewed sense of purpose.

~ Joan- Treatment for Depression

Tara has been an instrumental part of my recovery journey. Her thoughtful and kind approach made all the difference in my progress.

~ Emma- BDD Treatment

Tara acted like a guiding light in my healing journey, and I’m so grateful for all she’s done for me

~ Evie- Self-Improvement and Growth course

Our daughter was struggling with what we felt was Depression but we know now to be BDD, just having this assessment has helped us all. We were clueless but Tara came into our home and diligently worked alongside our daughter, explaining how to break free from this dreadful disease. She also spent time with us in-person so we knew when to support and how to take a step back. Its been absolute hell watching our daughter struggle, we are in such a different place now, thanks to your help. Thank you

~ Jolene– Parent of child with BDD

This treatment has been difficult, I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for and worried I would be unable to complete the homework, yes homework! However, I adjusted and must say that this course of therapy has been instrumental in helping me regain a sense of normalcy after years of feeling I was going crazy. I feel like I can finally move forward with my life, thanks to her (and the homework!)

~  Milo- Treatment for OCD and GAD

Tara helped me through a lot of mess in my relationships, friendships and work, this treatment has helped me become better at seeing problems as they arise rather than trying to deny they are happening. Short term discomfort for long term gain! I repeat this again and again!

~ Ella- Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Treatment, Self-Improvement and Growth course

Tara’s empathetic guidance helped me to finally find my footing and move forward in life. I was not a fan of behavioural experiments, but I know now that just talking about what to do does NOT GET YOU BETTER. I really appreciated the option of having intensive therapy over 3 days.

~ Sarah- Emetophobia

I received 6 sessions online for an issue I struggle with, I struggle far less now

~ Taidgh- Social Anxiety Treatment

Trust in therapy restored! Tara is outstanding at what she does.

~ Tom- Treatment for OCD and Social Anxiety

Thank you for helping our son. OCD had been in his life for 2 years and before he received help with Tara, he was stuck in his room for hours every day ritualising. School was a distant memory and as a family we were falling apart. We received at home therapy, Tara spent time with our son first and would give him confidence in completing exposure work. At the end of our sons session, Tara sat with us and explained how best to support him over the week. It has taken four months of weekly sessions but we finally see our son outside of his room, able to manage OCD and planning to attend school at the start of the next academic year. I highly recommend Tara to anyone who is trying to navigate the horrors of OCD

~ Annmarie- Parent of teenage son treated for severe OCD

Nicky d'Offay AvatarNicky d'Offay
Tara has been a godsend. Our daughter, started seeing Tara for her emetephobia and anxiety which has taken her to a very dark place. As a family we were struggling and couldn’t see a way out. Our daughter was being bullied at school and had become a school refuser, she was a shadow of her former bubbly, happy self. She is back! This is all down to Tara. Our daughter instantly felt comfortable and safe, able to speak freely and push herself to learn coping mechanisms and to realise that she is a very resilient young lady and that her constant fight/flight mode was actually a healthy response to threat. In terms of her emetephobia, exposure therapy whilst challenging at times has made a huge difference - this was ruling her life for a very long time - she is in control of her life again. Tara has such a wonderful way of making you feel heard, validated and understood and when she pushes you out of your comfort zone you trust her. We cannot thank you enough. - 23 Mar 2024 
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Adam Denard AvatarAdam Denard
Tara has really helped me tackle my OCD over the past few years. Together we dealt with my Intrusive thoughts and perfectionism and I was so relieved to break free from the ocd bully. Her compassionate and constructive approach works for me and has definitely yielded life enhancing results!! - 08 Dec 2023 
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C Smith AvatarC Smith
I can't express how grateful I am to have found such an incredible therapist during one of the most challenging times in my life. When I was faced with a difficult decision that seemed impossible to make, Tara was there every step of the way, offering unwavering support and guidance. Her compassionate and nonjudgmental approach created a safe space for me to open up and explore my thoughts and feelings. She listened attentively, asked insightful questions, and helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the situation at hand. Through her expertise and genuine care, I was able to make the decision that was right for me and my family. Tara empowered me to find my inner strength and confidence, and I emerged from our sessions with a sense of clarity and purpose. I highly recommend Tara to anyone going through a tough time or facing difficult decisions. Thank you for helping me navigate through the storm and find my way to brighter days! - 14 Oct 2023 
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Eleni Pahita AvatarEleni Pahita
My sessions with Tara have been so valuable to me. She has great compassion and knowledge and I have done a lot of personal growing with her. - 14 Sep 2023 
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milli midwood Avatarmilli midwood
- 14 Sep 2023 
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Leo Cooper AvatarLeo Cooper
After around 9 months of sessions with Tara for treatment of OCD, i cannot recommend highly enough - she has helped me change into a completely different person. - 14 Jun 2023 
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Kevin Clapson AvatarKevin Clapson
I came across Tara via a recommendation having previously started therapy via my healthcare, I’d been told it can take a few attempts to find the ‘right’ therapist, yet I instantly felt with Tara I was with the right person. For me I’m not good with just being listened too and given subtle pointers, Tara’s style (with me at least) was much more direct, setting me practical and actionable tasks via homework which really helped me put into practice things to change behaviours I was both somewhat aware of as well as others I had never even considered. When I started the sessions I was somewhat cynical about how much I would get from therapy, but I can honestly say in less than 6 months I felt a changed person. I had been at the lowest point I could remember, having previously not really suffered with depression or a feeling of very low self worth, yet had found myself completely void of motivation and in a pretty dark hole that I had no real energy to get out of, yet the practical task’s coupled with very clear direction and advice on how to handle certain situations totally transformed my attitude and behaviour. I still check in with Tara ever couple of months, mainly as I feel it keeps me honest on the fact I haven’t finished the work but more have come to terms with it being an ongoing process and that’s totally fine. I couldn’t recommend Tara highly enough, I genuinely feel I got my life back on track as a result of our sessions and will forever be grateful to her for that - 14 Jun 2023 
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Diarmaid Rankin AvatarDiarmaid Rankin
I met Tara through my profession and listened to her lectures to other practitioners in her field (not me) . Her theories seemed hugely practical. Another person explained it much better than I could, (a personality like a warm blanket) I couldn't imagine anyone better suits to be a therapist. - 14 Nov 2022 
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johnhull81 Avatarjohnhull81
Excellent therapist with a strong background in self compassion and helping people through adverse life experiences - 14 Nov 2022 
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xunxan Avatarxunxan
It has helped me a lot. She has been helping people for many years. Highly recommended. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Mally Chandler AvatarMally Chandler
I highly recommend Tara whose approach is very caring, compassionate and understanding. She is an absolute credit to her profession and the service she provides is excellent. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Veena Ugargol AvatarVeena Ugargol
I was lucky enough to receive supervisory support from Tara whilst I was establishing myself as a therapist and deciding on routes into psychotherapy. Tara’s insight was invaluable, she provided me with practical guidance and challenged me to reflect on how I could develop my skills in useful ways. I will always be grateful for her kindness and encouragement. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Rachel McIver AvatarRachel McIver
- 14 Nov 2022 
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Sarah Barratt AvatarSarah Barratt
Having met with Tara and been received with such warmth and compassion she made me feel totally at ease and able to tell my story. She truly has helped me to move forward with my life and become the person that I wanted to be and never felt that I would be. I can highly recommend her as a therapist. She is amazing. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Joel Oliver AvatarJoel Oliver
I strongly recommend Tara as a wonderful therapist and fantastic supervisor. I have used Tara as a supervisor (I am a BABCP CBT Therapist) for the last year and she has given me expert opinion,honest feedback and tons of compassion and guidance. I am lucky to know Tara and rate her extremely highly. - 14 Nov 2022 
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lisa williams Avatarlisa williams
I have made many client referrals to Tara. She is highly professional and experienced therapist and lecturer. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Cigdem M AvatarCigdem M
Tara makes a world of difference to lives at times of struggle. Alongside her fountain of knowledge and skill she is very friendly, approachable, caring, compassionate and highly experienced. Talking to Tara is like a breath of fresh air after walking through smoke. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a highly skilled therapist that leads you to a path of healing and comfort. - 14 Nov 2022 
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jo chapman Avatarjo chapman
Tara was instrumental in starting up an accredited agency in the Isle of Man (where others had unfortunately failed) to provide much needed CPD opportunities to fellow therapists and counsellors. I have found Tara to be thorough, structured and compassionate and can highly recommend Tara. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Jessica Jordan AvatarJessica Jordan
Tara was amazing and has given me great insight into myself and my outlook on life. She has also taught me techniques that have been invaluable already, and I know I’ll be able to continue to practice these throughout my life. Would highly recommend!! - 14 Nov 2022 
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mark archer Avatarmark archer
Tara is an amazing heart centred person, with ears to listen listen and a heart the size of a giraffes. Why a Giraffes heart ? Because they have the biggest hearts in the animal kingdom. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Garry Slade AvatarGarry Slade
- 14 Nov 2022 
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ghostdawg Avatarghostdawg
- 14 Nov 2022 
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Nehal Patel AvatarNehal Patel
I recently received 12 sessions of psychotherapy to assist with my emotional development which I have now applied to all areas of my life. I highly recommend Tara, thank you for helping me improve my self confidence. - 14 Nov 2022 
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Chris O'Hanlon AvatarChris O'Hanlon
- 14 Nov 2022 
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Aisha Archer AvatarAisha Archer
Tara has huge heart and amazing ability to listen to people with attentiveness and compassion. In her presence one can feel like covered with warm blanket and really deeply understood. Thank you for your amazing work! - 14 Nov 2022 
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