What is Home-Based Therapy?

Therapy delivered in your home, also known as in-home therapy or home-based therapy, is an effective form of mental health treatment for a variety of issues and is individualised to suit a person’s life and needs.

Home-Based Therapy London, UK

When a Psychotherapist provides therapy in a person’s home, they have the opportunity to observe and work with the in-person (and loved ones if suitable) in their natural environment. This can be particularly helpful for people with anxiety disorders or phobias, as it allows them to confront their fears in a setting where they feel safe and comfortable. For example, if someone has a fear of leaving their home, an in-home Psychotherapist can work with them to gradually expose them to situations outside of their home, starting with just stepping outside their front door and working up to taking short walks or going to their local shops. If a in-person feels they may need in-person help with facing their fears, home-based therapy is especially helpful, having a trained clinician by your side aids with confidence and elevates the possibility of completing value driven goals.

In-home therapy involves teamwork

Individuals can worry that therapy will be done ‘to them’ in their home and they will feel out of control. It is important to remember that therapy is a collaborative approach. All goals are agreed together. Psychotherapy should feel challenging and rewarding rather than overwhelming. If it is agreed that exposure work is suitable, (gradually exposing a in-person to their fears or triggers- see ERP) a graded way to face fears is agreed by both the individual and Psychotherapist prior to engagement, so this is done in a safe and controlled way.

Home-Based therapy is available in the UK and overseas

In-home therapy can also be helpful for people who have difficulty leaving their home due to physical disabilities or mental health concerns. By bringing therapy to their home, these individuals can receive the mental health treatment they need without having to navigate transportation or other barriers that may make it difficult for them to leave their home.

Additionally, in-home therapy can be a more personalised and flexible form of treatment. The Psychotherapist works with the individual to create a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals, treatment can be adjusted as needed based on the individual’s progress.

In-home therapy is at times the most suitable option and can be a valuable and very effective form of mental health treatment.


Treatment can be offered as standalone in-home visits, or a hybrid approach combining both online and in-person.

If you feel that you, a friend or relative would like to learn more about home-based psychological treatment then, please get in touch via email: info@homebasedtalkingtherapy.com